GFPC Series / Ferrit

Suitable solutions for FPC noise problems

  • Provided with 3 mm and 5 mm and 2.3 mm thickness types.
  • Effective filtering performance for emission noise from FPC.
  • Soft ferrite

Suitable solutions for FPC noise problems

Part No.ProfileABCDEImpedance*Ω/100MHz(1turn)
GFPC-11-8-2110.≧ 25
GFPC-16-8-≧ 25
GFPC-18-3-≧ 20
GFPC-18-8-≧ 25
GFPC-22-8-≧ 25
GFPC-16-5-316.≧ 20
GFPC-16-8-316.≧ 25
GFPC-24-12-323.≧ 30
GFPC-25-10-325.≧ 25
GFPC-25-15-325.≧ 35
GFPC-31-12-331.≧ 30
GFPC-16-1216.≧ 45
GFPC-16-2016.≧ 60
GFPC-25-1224.≧ 35
GFPC-25-2024.≧ 50
GFPC-31-1231.≧ 40
GFPC-46-1246.≧ 40
GFPC-56-1256.≧ 35

Unit: mm

Catalogue / GFPC

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