Environmental Policy

We are committed to the sustainable management of our environment for future generations. As a 100% subsidiary of Nitto Kogyo Corporation, we have therefore set common goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can find more information on this by following the link below.

Greenhouse gas reduction

Our DIN certificates

DIN 16247-1
ISO 14001:2015

As the first company who offers the best solution, we commit to provide environmentally conscious products and services.


We set our environmental objectives annually based on Environmental Policy and review our achievement.


Through our activities of resource conservation and waste reduction, we contribute to environmental protection to prevent Pollution.


We are committed to satisfy customer requirements, and to conform to all applicable laws and regulations.


We will constantly review the relevance to, adequacy for, and effectiveness of our organizational performance for further improvement in our environmental management system.


Supply Chain Due Diligence Act


For us, Kitagawa GmbH, the respect, observance and safeguarding of internationally applicable human rights as well as the protection of our environment is a very high value.

We have been pursuing the guarantee of these since the beginning of our entrepreneurial activities in Germany.

In accordance with the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (german LkSG), which has been in force since January 2023, we have analysed our direct suppliers and contacted them with the applicable requirements.

If you require a confirmation of compliance with the conventions listed in the anney of the german LkSG from us, we will be happy to prepare this for you based on your enquiry with the products relevant to you.


At the present time, Kitagawa GmbH is not aware of any cases of violations of applicable human rights or environmental hazards in which we or our direct suppliers are directly or indirectly involved.