CSTK / Conductive Fabric Tape

Thin and durable carbon-coated type

  • Carbon-coating protects from the galvanic corrosion suffered by metal foils.
  • Carbon-coated special knitting provides no yarn-loosening or fuzz on the surface.
  • Carbon-coated tape with low resistivity, effective against electrostatic discharge.

CONDUCTIVE FABRIC TAPE / CSTK Thin and durable carbon-coated type

Part No. (mm) Width(mm) Thicknessadhesive strengthResistivity
CSTK-00880.18.53 N/25mm/Width0.04 Ω/20mm
CSTK-015150.18.53 N/25mm/Width0.04 Ω/20mm
CSTK-020200.18.53 N/25mm/Width0.04 Ω/20mm
CSTK-025250.18.53 N/25mm/Width0.04 Ω/20mm
CSTK-030300.18.53 N/25mm/Width0.04 Ω/20mm
CSTK-040400.18.53 N/25mm/Width0.04 Ω/20mm
CSTK-060600.18.53 N/25mm/Width0.04 Ω/20mm
CSTK-2502500.18.53 N/25mm/Width0.04 Ω/20mm
CSTK-3003000.18.53 N/25mm/Width0.04 Ω/20mm

※ The values are measured data for reference, not guaranteed.

Catalogue / CSTK

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