CCT / Conductive Tape

Thin and flexible metal foil tape backed by a conductive filler adhesive

  • Highly conductive adhesive provides high shielding effectiveness.
  • Easy punching and half-cutting to optimal configurations.
  • Base material: CCT-C : Copper foil CCT-A : Aluminum foil
  • Adhesive layer: Conductive adhesive

Part No. (mm) Width(mm) Thicknessadhesive strengthResistivity
CCT-8-C80.0759.4N/25mm0.004 Ω/inch²
CCT-10-C100.0759.4N/25mm0.004 Ω/inch²
CCT-13-C130.0759.4N/25mm0.004 Ω/inch²
CCT-20-C200.0759.4N/25mm0.004 Ω/inch²
CCT-25-C250.0759.4N/25mm0.004 Ω/inch²
CCT-50-C500.0759.4N/25mm0.004 Ω/inch²
CCT-100-C1000.0759.4N/25mm0.004 Ω/inch²
CCT-600-C6000.0759.4N/25mm0.004 Ω/inch²
CCT-250-C*1(□250)0.0759.4N/25mm0.004 Ω/inch²
CCT-A4-C*1(A4)0.0759.4N/25mm0.004 Ω/inch²
CCT-6-A60.098.6N/25mm0.008 Ω/inch²
CCT-8-A80.098.6N/25mm0.008 Ω/inch²
CCT-15-A150.098.6N/25mm0.008 Ω/inch²
CCT-20-A200.098.6N/25mm0.008 Ω/inch²
CCT-25-A250.098.6N/25mm0.008 Ω/inch²
CCT-A4-A*1(A4)0.098.6N/25mm0.008 Ω/inch²

※ 1) Sheet type

※ The values are measured data for reference, not guaranteed.

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