YMG-90V-BK / Elastomer

Flame-retardant (UL94V-0) elastomer with extremely low hardness and excellent shock and vibration damping.

  • A low resonant frequency allows vibration isolation even at low temperatures.
  • It is UL94V-0 certified product.
  • KGS provides a complete support system, from design to prototype and series production, to meet your requirements for manufacturing the required components through injection moulding.
  • Silicone-free, no siloxane outgassing.
  • TPS (YMG-90V-BK)

YMG-90V-BK/ Elastomer

Material--TPS (YMG-90V-BK)
HardnessASKER FP-91
Tensile strengthMPaJIS K62510.41
Elongation%JIS K6251292
Flammability-UL94V-0 * 1
Operating temperature--20~85
Thicknessmm-1.0/ 2.0/ 3.0/ 4.0/ 5.0

※1) UL94V-0 flame retardant is certified with product thickness of 1.5mm and over.