RDHL-E / Capacitor Holder

Flow soldering holder that allows for easy mount of capacitors

  • Because capacitors can be mounted without adhesive, It contributes for reduction of adhesive cost and improvement of workability in the conventional process.
  • Capacitor can be mounted from the top of this product.
  • Relief loads of vibration and shock applied to leads of capacitors.
  • The product can be applied to various lenght of capacitors by flow soldering.
  • Plastic part: Nylon 66, UL94 V-0
  • Metal part: Low carbon steel wire (0.6mm)
  • Surface treatment: Sn plating on the underplating by Cu


Metal portionPlastic portionDiameter accommodationMethod of mountingPacking specification
CP wire 0.6mmPA66RDHL-12.5E-V0: Ø12.5mmFor flow solderingBulk
CP wire 0.6mmPA66RDHL-18E-V0: Ø18mmFor flow solderingBulk
Part No.ABCDEFGHIStd. Package
RDHL-12.5E-V0Ø13123.312. pcs.
RDHL-16E-V0Ø16.515.43.315.617.90.60.413.50.6500 pcs.
RDHL-18E-V0Ø18.516.73.318. pcs.

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