OG SERIE / On Board Contact

Super-compact grounding components with wide variations

  • Space saving, FG facilitated even where screws are precluded.
  • Automated mounting on PC board is applicable.
  • Box structure is introduced for distortion, deformation and damage preventation. (excluding some part numbers)
  • Compact type,Space saving Type,Large height type


Super-compact grounding components with wide variations

Product NameMaterialSurface treatmentRecommended height
OG-321605Phosphor bronze for spring (T=0.1mm)Sn reflow plating (Cu undercoat)0.35mm or less
OG-321605GPhosphor bronze for spring (T=0.1mm)AU plating (Ni undercoat)0.35mm or less
OG-160810SBeryllium cooperPartial Au plating (Ni undercoat)0.7~0.9mm
OG-301012Phosphor bronze for spring (t=0.08mm)Partial Au plating0.6~1.1mm
OG-320816Phosphor bronze for spring (t=0.12mm)Partial Au plating1.1~1.4mm
OG-450818Beryllium copper (t=0.12mm)Partial Au plating1.2~1.6mm
OG-321022Phosphor bronze for spring (t=0.12mm)Partial Au plating1.5~2mm
OG-542925Phosphor bronze for spring (t=0.12mm)Partial Au plating1.5~2.3mm
OG-363040Beryllium copper (t=0.12mm)Sn reflo plating (Ni plated contacts)2.2~3.4mm
OG-363040GBeryllium copper (t=0.1mm)Partial Au plating2.2~3.4mm
OG-363040HDBeryllium copper (t=0.1mm)Sn reflow plating (Ni plated contacts)2.2~3.4mm
OG-363040HDRPhosphor bronze for spring (t=0.1mm)Sn reflow plating 2.2~3.4mm
OG-503040Beryllium copper (t=0.12mm)Sn plating2.2~3.6mm
OG-282543HDRPhosphor bronze for spring (T=0.1mm)Sn reflow plating2.5~3.9mm
OG-453048Phosphor bronze for spring (t=0.1mm)Sn reflow plating2.7~4.4mm
OG-363050Beryllium copper (t=0.1mm)Sn reflow plating (Ni plated contacts)3.2~4.4mm
OG-363050GBeryllium copper (t=0.1mm)Partial Au plating3.2~4.4mm
OG-363050HDBeryllium copper (t=0.1mm)Sn reflow plating (Ni plated contacts)3.2~4.4mm
OG-363050HDRPhosphor bronze for spring (t=0.1mm)Sn reflow plating 3.2~4.4mm
OG-362550Phosphor bronze for spring (t=0.15mm)Sn reflow plating3.6~4.5mm
OG-503253-ABeryllium copper (t=0.12mm)Sn reflow plating3.5~4.9mm
OG-603060Phosphor bronze for spring (t=0.12mm)Sn reflow plating4.2~5.5mm
OG-453060Phosphor bronze for spring (t=0.2mm)Sn reflow plating4.2~5.5mm
OG-363065HDBeryllium copper (t=0.1mm)Sn reflow plating (Ni plated contacts)4.7~5.9mm
OG-453065Phosphor bronze for spring (t=0.15mm)Sn reflow plating4.2~6.0mm
OG-603070Phosphor bronze for spring (t=0.08mm)Sn reflow plating5~6.5mm
OG-453070Phosphor bronze for spring (t=0.2mm)Sn reflow plating5.3~6.5mm
OG-684296Beryllium cooper (t=0.15mm)Sn reflow plating7.0~9.0mm
*Please confirm “Notes for on-board series” on page 2 prior to purchase.
*The values are measured data for reference, not guaranteed.

Catalogue OG-Series

Catalogue / OG Series

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