GTR Series

Non-split toroidal core

Recommended frequency range: 30MHz ~ 1GHz.
Wide range of product line: Applicable cable diameter: 27.4mm dia. Max.
Easy to turn cable around the cores due to the large inner diameter.
Increasing turn number around the cores gives the higher impedance.

Operating temperature:-40°C ~ +85°C

Part No. ØAØBCImpedance* Ω/100MHz (1 turn)
GTR-7-3-473.54 ≧20
GTR-9-5-8958 ≧30
GTR-10-5-51055 ≧25
GTR-11-5-91159 ≧45
GTR-12.5-8-1212.68.112 ≧35
GTR-13-7-61376 ≧25
GTR-13-7-12.7137.112.7 ≧45
GTR-14.5-10-814.510.28 ≧20
GTR-16-8-1316.58.213 ≧55
GTR-16-8-1616.58.216 ≧65
GTR-16-10-716107 ≧25
GTR-16-10-10161010 ≧30
GTR-18-10-618106 ≧25
GTR-20-10-520.510.25 ≧25
GTR-20-10-1020.510.210 ≧45
GTR-21-13-621.212.76 ≧25
GTR-22-14-10221410 ≧30
GTR-23-11-1423.611.414 ≧60
GTR-25-15-825158 ≧30
GTR-25-15-12251512 ≧40
GTR-28-16-13281613 ≧45
GTR-28-16-20281620 ≧70
GTR-31-19-831198 ≧30
GTR-31-19-16311916 ≧60
GTR-40-27-1540.627.415 ≧45

Unit: mm

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