MFMAL, MFMAL-W / Magnefilm

Thin film for magnetic shielding in low-frequencies

  • High shielding effectiveness in low frequencies of 100 k to 1 MHz.
  • Insulation by laminated layer. (Without end face).
  • Easy mounting with adhesives.
  • Cutting service is available upon request. ※Size limit.(Max. length: 110mm, Max. width: 40mm)
  • Please refer to the structure Information.


Thin film for magnetic shielding in low-frequencies

Thickness A mm0.1270.207※3
Available max. dimension.※2mm40×110215×490

※1:MFMAL-W:The metal magnetic foil is aligned number of 50mm-wide sheets.

The adjacent sheet is deposited layer upon layer due to preserving ist high-performance.

It becomes the foil with single layer potion and double layer one.
※2:Please contact us for available pcs/sheet.
※3:The description shows representative value of single layer portion.

The representative value of double layer portion is 0.227mm.

*The values are measured data for reference, not guaranteed.

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