FF Fan Fixer

  • PP + TPS ( Silicone free )
  • Type: KG-GEL / YMG-95T


The Fan Fixer is a fixture which reduces the vibration and noise of cooling fan.It enables to install the fan without screws.Resonance and fluttering noise are reduced by damping the vibrations transmitted from the cooling fan. A snap structure enables simple-one-touch installation. Screws and tools are not necessary.

Part No. ABC(D)Panel thicknessMounting hole sizeColor
FF-10H-43-95TØ 83.89.823.4t0.8~1.0Ø 4.3+-0.1Black
FF-15F-43-95TØ 84.515.029.3t1.0~1.2Ø 4.3+-0.1Black
FF-25F-43-95TØ 84.525.039.1t0.8~1.0Ø 4.3+-0.1Black
  • Recommended fan specifications

Part No. Thickness (mm)Screwhole diameter (mm)Weight (g)
FF-10H-43-95Tt10 +0.2 -0.6Ø4.3~40
FF-15F-43-95Tt15 +0.3 -0.5Ø4.3~40
FF-25F-43-95Tt25 +0.3 -0.5Ø4.3~40