3W/(m·K) thermal pad (ASKER C 15) for high operating temperature applications

  • Super low hardeness (Asker C 15) and high thermal conductivity (3W/m•K) are realized as a non-silicon thermally conductivity sheet.
  • Because of excellent contact property, contact resistance can be reduced.
  • Because of a non-silicon material, siloxane is not contained.
  • Because of excellent flexibility and stress relaxation property, loads to devices and printed circuit boards can be reduced after assembling.
  • Oil bleed is less, compared with silicon type.

COOLPROVIDE / CPVH non-silicon sheet with high thermal conductivity of super low hardness.

Test typeUnitStandardCPVH-FCPVH
Thermal ConductivityW /m·KJIS R 2616 (Hot wire method)3.03.0
Thermal ConductivityW /m·KISO22007-2 (Hot Disc method)2.22.2
Thicknessmm0.5/ 1.0/ 1.5/ 2.0/ 2.5/ 3.0/ 3.5/ 4.02.0/ 3.0/ 4.0
Specific GravityJIS Z 88072.332.33
HardnessASCER CJIS K 73121515
HardnessShore 00ASTM D 22404747
Tensile strengthMPaJIS K 62510.250.15
Elongation rate%JIS K 625111200
Volume ResistivityΩ·cmJIS K 6911 compliant1.0x1011 1.0x1011
Breakdown voltagekV/mmJIS C 2110-1 compliant2.73.1
Withstanding voltagekV/mmJIS C 2110-1 compliant2.11.9
Dielectric constant1 MHzCompany standard18.219.6
Loss tangent1 MHzCompany standard0.080.08
Operating temp̊C-40∼125-40∼125

Catalogue CPVH