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EMC International Exhibition and Conference on Electromagnetic Compatibility

We will be exhibiting at the EMC Düsseldorf on the 20-2.02.208. Visit Europe's leading event on...

EMC expert conference SwissTmeeting in Zürich CH 17. - 18.01.2018

In cooperation with our Distributor Awag Elektrotechnik AG we will have a booth on the expert...

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Cable shields
Metal wire mesh silver coating shield
SMD Common Mode Filter
KWCM Series 1210, 2012, 3216
Absorption Sheet
Electromagnetic noise suppression sheet
Ferrite core
Ferrite core for Cable
SMD Chip Beads
SMD Chip Beads, 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206
Grounding Parts
Grounding strips spacer clamps
SMD On-Board Contacts
On-Board Contacts with support for automated mounting
Tapes / Foils / Grills
Conductive tapes films foils
EMC Gaskets
Optical Fibers
Holder Fastener
Vibration and Shock Control
Impact buffering, vibration and noise control
Other Plastic Components
Rotary Damper, Door Latch and feet
Fastner Spacer Rivets
Securing,Holding and spacig for PC boards and chassis
Duct, Tube
Covering and holding cables
Cable Clamp
Flat Round cable holder
Bush Grommet
Protect cables against sharp edges of chassis Hole Plugs
Cable Ties
Beads Bundle Band Mounts Omega Lock
Thermal Management
Various thermal management materials